Thursday, November 16, 2006

Some Paranoia is Good for the Soul

Gertrude rushed out of the room leaving Tomoki alone. Tomoki walked to the desk and sat down. The computer was already activated and ready for use. She started by toying with the system, seeing how out of date it actually was, what security systems were activate, the extent of the colonies comnet, and so on. The computer wasn't the most advanced device, but would meet her needs. No obvious surveillance software was present, but she would check further later on.

Tomoki then went to the bedroom and inspected her bags. The seals remained intact and there was no sign of tampering. She opened one of the bags and withdraw a slim metallic box with an elaborate combination lock. She adjusted all the dials and opened the box.

Inside the box was a set of what appeared to be blank keys, and another, smaller box.

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