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Document NSAR01-It NS-G-001 successfully retrieved

Document NASR01-It NS-G-001
Title: New Shiran Auditoral Review Interview NS-G-001 (transcript)
Transcribed by: Masako Information Services (MIS) Autotranscriber s/n 183-173-1783-8g
Participants: 1) Tomoki Portia Karina Berthold, Auditor-Writ-Large, Lady of the Liquid Lance, Mamuck of the Multifaceted Mirage and triptych of the Takarazukan Trifector (designated as T hereafter), 2) Hugh Fleming, Governor of the Colony of New Shiran, thirteenth colony of the Extended Kingdom, Olipahnt of the Occidental Octopi and commander of the King's 121st Marine Regiment (hereafter designated H)
Recorded at: 21014-214-10-14-03-NS:21014-214-14-43-42NS
Original audio file available upon request.
Line reference numbers omitted
Transcript begins:
T: You are aware this interview will be recorded.
H: No, but I'm not surprised.
T: Well I will start with the formalities then. This interview is conducted as part of the Auditoral Review of New Shiran by Tomoki Portia Karina Berthold, Auditor-Writ-Large, under the authority of Santorum Trask, Under-Hierophant of Colonial Affairs, who acts on behalf of His Majesty Shardon the twenty-third, Monarch of the Extended Kingdom. As such, this interview is considered sworn testimony, subject to all considerations of testimony given to a court of law. This interview, and any subsequent interviews will be recorded, and such recordings will become public documents available to all citizens after standard waiting periods. Do you understand this?
H: I do.
T: For the record, please state your full name, position and titles.
H: Hugh Fleming, Governor of the Colony of New Shiran, thirteenth colony of the Extended Kingdom, Olipahnt of the Occidental Octopi and commander of the King's 121st Marine Regiment.
T: When did you become Governor of New Shiran?
H: I was appointed Governor on 20982-032. I arrived on New Shiran on 20982-145NS and commenced my duties on 20982-155NS.
T: Who was Governor before you?
H: The first Governor was Stephen Yrf, who was followed by John Odwen. I was appointed Governor to follow John Odwen.
T: Are you aware of the colonisation schedule that was created for New Shiran before the colonisation fleet departed?
H: Yes I have studied them and was a member of the Schedule Revision Committee during the Odwen Governorship.
T: Do you think the previous Governors were able to follow the schedule?
H: When Odwen took over the colony was well behind schedule, and lacking many resources that should have been available. Part of the role of the Schedule Revision Committee was to revise the schedule to match what was feasible at the time.
T: Was the revised schedule adhered to?
H: No, this planet has proved to be much more difficult to colonise than any other in the Extended Kingdom.
T: Why do you say that?
H: Well, just look around. The planet seems to resist our presence. Nearly all the attempts to begin mining for resources have failed in catastrophic accidents. Without mining, industrial production is minimal. Agriculture is going OK, but without an industrial base, we can't expand much beyond what we already have.
T: What about surveys of the planet? When was the first survey completed?
H: An orbital scan of the planet was completed by the advance party, but atmospheric conditions prevented accurate visualisation of much of the third continent. Aerial surveys were done for the regions surrounding the colony, but after several accidents and loss of craft, aerial surveys were discontinued.

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