Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Colony Ain't All right

"Yes, we have, and have fulfilled as many as we could."

"There were some difficulties?" Tomoki asked warily.

"Well, the only suites suitable are all within this complex. And certain items you requested are not available at the moment. "

"Such as?" she said while raising her right eyebrow.

"A few niceties you requested for your suite. Your computer is a little below your requested specifications. A few other small details I'm sure you won't notice. Oh, and an independent comlink to the homeworld." was the Governor's weak reply.

"You mean to tell me that after 83 years this colony has yet to set up a second comlink system? Or even build anything on it's own?"

"We have built beyond the initial colony settlement, but this facility is still the best we have to offer. As for the comlink, without significant imports that are beyond our means, it is not possible at this point in time."

"Then I shall have to make do, won't I. But this is a bad start to my review of this colony. Would you have someone show me to my suite so that I can begin my work."

And with that the conversation came to a stop. The Governor summoned an assistant on the phone, and waited in awkward silence. Tomoki, for her part was revising her initial plans to accommodate the lack of progress that had been made on New Shiran. She had been given vague hints of some small problems, but nothing of this magnitude. This little development after 83 years was without precedent.

Her musings were interrupted by the arrival of a small mousy woman who stumbled as she came through the doors into the office. The Governor looked up at her and brusquely commanded.

"Gertrude, please take Auditor Berthold to the suite that has been prepared for her, and give her anything else that she requests, within reason."

Tomoki shot an angry look at the Governor, but decided to make an issue over the slight. She nodded at Gertrude and said "Lead on," and then followed the small woman out the doors and into the corridors.

"It's not far," Gertrude said, heading away from the Governor's office. "I'm sure it's not," Tomoki muttered under her breathe.

After walking along a few corridors and up one flight of stairs, Gertrude stopped outside a set of double doors identical to those of the Governor's office. Gertrude unlocked the door with a mechanical key, which she then handed to Tomoki.

"Who else has a key to this room?" Tomoki enquired.

"Well, security and emergency services have keys for almost everywhere, as does the Governor. The cleaners and other service staff too, I suppose."

"Thank you," Tomoki responded. She entered the suite. The first room resembled the Governors office. A large desk in the middle of the room and some couches off to the side, and past the couches was a door. Walking through the door led to a comfortable bedroom with a large bed, cupboards and a small desk. Another door on the other side of the bedroom presumably led to the bathroom.

"will you need anything else, Auditor?" Gertrude asked deferentially.

"Not right now, but could you please organise dinner for, uh, whenever is appropriate." Tomoki replied, having not yet adjusted to the local timekeeping conventions enough to be more specific.

"You may leave now," she added sharply when Gertrude made no immediate attempt to leave.

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