Friday, November 24, 2006

A reckoning is to be had

Well, there had to be a reason for this, and Tomoki was determined to find out what it was. The summaries she was reading skipped over any concept of a schedule for the colonies development. Even the satellite maps seemed vague. The settlement was clearly visible, but some sections of the global map were just shown as a cloud obscured blur. Definitely something to question Governor Fleming about.

She made a few notes about questions she wanted the Governor to answer and possible follow ups, as well as some other people she thought would give her a better idea of what was happening here on New Shiran, as well as its history.

Tomoki went to the computer and used it to send a message to the Governor scheduling a message for late tomorrow morning. She then set an alarm for sunrise tomorrow morning, and prepared to sleep for the night. She had a shower in what turned out to be a rather small bathroom, and then went to sleep, lying on the bed naked.

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Esonlinji said...

I wasn't sure about including the last sentence, but since the aim of NaNoWriMo is words, not quality, I'm going to let it stand