Thursday, November 16, 2006

End Chapter One

Tomoki examined the blanks and selected one that closely resembled the key she had been given. She inserted both into slots in one side of the small box, and the box made a whirring noise. She removed both keys from the box and set the original onto the desk in the bedroom.

Taking the box and the new key with her she walked to the doors to her suite. She knelt in front of the door and held the box up to the lock. Another noise came from the box, then a click. She took the box away and put the new key into the lock and turned it. The lock turned and secured the door. Satisfied, Tomoki returned the small box to it's place in the larger box, and closed and locked the larger box.

Next she took a disk from her bag and went back to the computer. She put the disk in the computer and restarted the machine. When it had finished booting, the display was different from when she first used it. Tomoki checked a few settings, then returned to the bedroom.

Tomoki laid down upon the bed and closed her eyes. Despite the slow adjustment on the ship during her voyage, she was not yet used to the time here on New Shiran, and her body clock was still synced with a planet about 30 light years away. She knew that sleep was the best solution, and so planned to take a nap until dinner arrived. She spent a minute relaxing her mind, and then went to sleep.

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