Friday, November 10, 2006

In which we learn some names, and Formality aids the word count

The man led her to an all-terrain vehicle, and took the driver's seat himself. The journey took about an hour through mostly clear plains spotted with rough dwellings here and there. As the vehicle slowed, she saw the first building that seemed up to the standard of the space port, and assumed this was the Governor's office building.

The vehicle stopped roughly and she quickly got out of the antiquated machine. She strode towards the building, forcing her guide to run to catch up in time to open the door for her.

"The Governor's through this way," he said as she entered the building, and then led the way into the corridors. After a few turns they stood in front of a pair of large doors. "This is his office. He'll be expecting you," he mumbled, and then departed rapidly.

"Time to get this started then," she thought, and opened both doors before striding through.

"Governor Hugh Fleming, I have been sent by the Under-Hierophant of Colonial Affairs to inspect and illumine, reveal and report on the colony of New Shiran. You will of course wish to review my credentials." She stated with rigid formality, and then withdrew an envelope from her satchel, and handed it to the Governor.

"Welcome, welcome. We have been preparing for your arrival since we heard you were to visit. There were a few details we have yet to receive," the Governor replied.

"Oh, and what might those be?" she queried coolly.

"Who you are for a start."

"You have my credentials."

The Governor turned the envelop in his hands, looking at the seal, yet another formality in this affair, then opened it with his fingers, careful not to damage the contents. He opened up the letter and read aloud its contents.

"To Hugh Fleming, Governor of the Colony of New Shiran, thirteenth colony of the Extended Kingdom, Olipahnt of the Occidental Octopi and commander of the King's 121st Marine Regiment,

From Santorum Trask, Under-Hierophant of Colonial Affairs, , , , and Eminence of Excessive Epithets, on behalf of His Majesty Shardon the twenty-third, Monarch of the Extended Kingdom.

I Present to you Tomoki Portia Karina Berthold, Auditor-Writ-Large, Lady of the Liquid Lance, Mamuck of the Multifaceted Mirage and triptych of the Takarazukan Trifector, charged to inspect and illumine, reveal and report on the past, present and potential of the colony of New Shiran.

I request and require that you render any and all assistance required or requested by her while she carries out her task as she sees fit.

Signed and sealed at 21014-144-18-12-03"

The Governor looked somewhat surprised, but sullen also. "We weren't expecting someone quite so eminent," he said quietly.

"And for my part, I was not expecting to visit somewhere quite so ... out of date, but here I am. I trust you received my list of requirements?"

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