Thursday, November 23, 2006

Chapter 2

In which we explore the process of colonisation, and wonder what went wrong with New Shiran

Tomoki woke when she heard someone trying to unlock the door to her suite, and then a rapid knocking. She got up and walked to the door. She unlocked it and opened the door.

Standing in the doorway was a young lady dressed slightly formally and bearing a tray packed with food.

"Sorry to disturb you Auditor Berthold, but I was unable to open your door. I've brought you your dinner," she said quickly in a flustered manner.

"Leave it on the coffee table over there," Tomoki replied and pointed at the table between the couches.

The maid entered the room and scurried over to the couches, and gently placed the tray on the coffee table. She turned and left the room meekly without looking at Tomoki.

Tomoki stretched out on one of the couches, and picked at the meal as she began to review the early history of the colony. She had reviewed the initial surveys and planning documents
for the colony back on Beaumont, but had wanted to wait until she saw the colony before studying it's history further.

She clearly had her work cut out for her trying to find out why the colony was so far behind schedule. The early stages had gone well. The orbital station had been set up, and the deuterium refinery in orbit around Tahe could produce enough to supply a Second Expansion colony. Out here, it mostly say idle, its production capabilities above and beyond what was needed by New Shiran.

The initial landing had also gone well. The colony ships were designed to land and be converted into accommodation, agricultural and industrial buildings. This first spurt of development had happened, and nothing seemed to have gone on since.

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