Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Shells flew back and forth between the HMSS Fallen Angel and the pirate vessel as they drew alongside. The pirate vessel was putting up a good fight, but was no match for a full fledged battle cruiser. The shells from the Fallen Angel's cannons tore more and more holes into the hull of the pirate vessel.

The atmosphere in the bridge was tense but with a sense that everything was under control. The crew knew their job and were doing it.

"Weapons, target their engines, let's try and take them alive. I want these scum to rot in jail, not enjoy a quick death out here.'' Captain Vince Votan barked, "Comms, any response to the order to surrender?''

"None yet Captain,'' Communications Officer Harrington Tenalp responded. Tenalp suddenly looked at his console and focused on it intently.

"Sir, I'm picking up a distress signal from a scout ship a few sectors over. The Wanderlust, Sir.'' the Communications Officer exclaimed.

"Noted. Send a new message to the pirate vessel. "Final warning. You have 30 seconds to surrender or be destroyed.'''' the captain ordered.

"Understood. Sending message Sir.''

"Weapons, prepare a full barrage on the pirate vessel. I want it dead ASAP, understood.''

"Yes Sir, full barrage,'' Weapons Officer Ainsley Rico gruffly replied.

For thirty seconds the only sounds were those of the crew doing their jobs. The the captain spoke.

"Tenalp, and response?''

"None Sir.'' was the response.

"Weapons, commence firing,'' Votan ordered.

"Firing Sir,'' Rico confirmed, and then after a few seconds, ``Vessel has been destroyed.''

"Excellent. Helm lay in a course for the Wanderlust. Maximum sustainable speed. We have a job to do,'' ordered Captain Votan.

Lieutenant Dante Richter laid in the new course and confirmed to the captain ``Course laid in. Accelerating to 112c. ETA 38 hours Sir.''

"Good job. Let's go help that ship'' the captain told his crew.

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